You all know that to succeed with content marketing you need to produce high quality content on a regular basis, but who’s got the time to do all that?

We’re all busy people with huge demands on our time and skills already. Having to learn and do another complex marketing task is the last thing we need.

Despite the evidence that content marketing is a very successful marketing tactic, most businesses either put it in the too hard basket or do it very badly.

In fact most marketers know they are not doing it anywhere near well enough.

Plus many companies don’t even have a budget for it.

Thankfully there are some simple and free tools and techniques to help you get started.

Use Other People’s Brains - Become a Curator

If time and money are an issue, then you don’t have to create the content yourself.

A wealth of great content already exists. All you have to do is curate it and make it available to your specific audience.

The tools to help you do this are mostly free.

Plus most of them provide very professional looking sites, so there’s no danger of your curated platform looking amateurish or DIY.









These tools will allow you to collect content from your favourite sources and disseminate it to your audience.

Best of all you can automate the whole process. That is, once it’s set up, you can leave it alone and it will keep working.

Most of them also come with their own email subscription and social media sharing options.

What this means is that you can maintain regular contact with your prospective market without having to do anything.

However, I wouldn’t really recommend leaving it totally alone.  Just keep an eye on it once a day and edit or remove anything that doesn’t really fit.

If you are new to content marketing, this is an ideal way to start without any major time of financial commitment.


Scheduling – How to Look Like an Executive Genius

The other set of tools necessary to complete your content marketing transformation are the scheduling tools.

Again, there are a range of great tools ranging from free to somewhat expensive that will allow you to look like a content marketing maestro.

With free tools such as Hootsuite you can schedule when and where your curated content gets shared.

You can just load in your posts, tell Hootsuite when and where to share them, and it will do the rest.

In fact if you’re really lazy, you don’t even have to tell Hootsuite when to post them. Just turn on Autoscheduling and Hootsuite will work it out for you.

So, when you heard the social media guru say you should tweet dozens of times a day and share on Facebook several times a day, and you thought: “Who has time to do all that?” This is how you do it.

The benefit of scheduling your posts is that  your professional brand or image will be in front of people on a regular basis.

Not all of them will see all of your posts all of the time, but you will be out there consistently maintaining a professional presence.

And if what you share is interesting and useful, then you are more likely to eventually generate leads.

Tools to Make Social Life Easier


Some of the tools to help you schedule are:

Hootsuite Free - $9/ month $59 - $500/ month

Buffer $50 - $250/ month

Agorapulse $29 - $99/ month

Viraltag $29 - $500/ month


Social Oomph


SocialBro Free to $40/ month

Crowdbooster $10 - $120/ month

Marketo $895 – $3,195/ month

Hubspot $270 - $3,200/ month



There are a lot more tools out there that will do the same thing. I’ve just listed some of the main ones to help get you started.

Hootsuite is probably the best one to get started with.

Services such as Hubspot, Marketo and Eloqua are more high end comprehensive suites with prices to match. If you don’t have a strategy and budget in place for content marketing, then these services aren’t for you.

I’ve just included them so you can see the range of options available to you and the widely varying price tags


But Remember, This is Just Toe Dipping

If you do do what I’ve suggested above, you may feel quite proud of what you’ve created. While that is perfectly justifiable, remember that this is just to get you started with content marketing.

You’re just dipping your toes into the content marketing ocean.

Ultimately, you will want to be creating and sharing your own content.

Fortunately, most of the tools and services I’ve listed above are also perfect for helping you share and promote your original content.

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