Blogging for Content Marketing

Blogging is the cornerstone of any good content marketing strategy, but to do it well takes planning and commitment.

Once you have a blog post, then you have something that can be shared on social media, turned into PDFs, infographics, slide presentations and nest of all earn you organics search traffic.

However so many businesses approach blogging in a spasmodic way, posting infrequently if at all. If you really want to get the most out of blogging then you should be posting something at least once a week.

For many businesses that is simply too much. The extra work and time involved seems unrewarding. However, blogging is a medium to long term strategy. The results don’t come straightaway; they come months or even years down the track.

Such a time frame is often hard to accept for people who want results today or tomorrow.

Blogging works the same way as compound interest.

If you don’t invest much, you won’t get much out of it.

If you invest a bit more, eventually the effects start to snowball and the results take care of themselves.

While that may seem like a matter of faith, plenty of people have built successful businesses this way.

The trick of course is to plan what sort of content you are going to create. Who is your intended audience? What sort of information are they desperate for? Once you’ve researched that, then you can create a publishing schedule and stick to it.

Or you can simply hire someone to do all of this work for you; in much the same way as you’d hire a pubic relation professional to manage your media profile.

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