Profile Building and Thought Leadership

How to Position Yourself as a Thought Leader

We all have an online profile, but are you really in control of yours?

With digital media now the dominant form of media in Australia it is important for all business professionals to take responsibility for their online profile.

And I don’t just mean having a nicely written Linkedin profile, that’s just the entry fee.

When customers are looking for a service the first thing they do is go online and either search or ask their social connections for a recommendation.

If you want to be part of this network, at the very least you need to be connected to a reasonable number of people; preferably those who use or are in need of your expertise.

But you need more than that. You need to be regularly producing and sharing information that is useful to the network. In other words, positioning yourself as a thought leader or the go to person for your services. Doing so requires a plan. Who is your likely audience, what and who influences them, what information are they after, what are their favourite media channels.

Once you have identified all that, you can then start to systematically build your profile online. That is, take control of it. Otherwise other people will control your reputation thru what they say about you online.

While you can’t stop them from doing that, if you are regularly contributing to the conversation, your profile and your message will be the stronger one.

And that will lead to more enquiries and business.

Unfortunately many business people still haven’t understood how important this is. Your online profile is effectively your brand these days. So you need to take care of it and enhance it as best you can.

Doing so starts with having set up all the main social media profiles on Linkedin, Google+, Twitter and Facebook. (There are a lot more, but they are the main ones.)

Then you need to connect all of those together so you have a solid online footprint.

Google+ is ideal for doing this. It also allows you to mark anything you’ve published online with your own authorship data.

This ensures you get the credit for what you’ve written and prevents anyone else from claiming they wrote it.

This in turn further solidifies your personal brand.

It’s all about taking ownership of your online profile and presenting a consistent message.

We’ve helped many professionals consolidate and solidify their personal online brand, and trained them in how to continually enhance it.

If your personal brand is important to you, then give me a call to discuss how we can position you as a leading practitioner in your filed of business.

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