Use Content Marketing for SEO

How to Use Content Marketing for Greater SEO

If you don’t have a keyword phrase goal for every piece of content you write, you’re losing business.

Search engines love content, especially good content. As anywhere from 25 to 50% of your online traffic can come from organic search listings, it becomes essential to have a clear content strategy in place.

That is, you need to produce content that will attract the right sort of prospective customers.

This isn’t about trying to manipulate the search engines with heaps of keywords. It doesn’t even require an expert understanding of the technical underpinnings of search ranking systems.

All it takes is a willingness to listen to your customers and clients, engage their questions thoughtfully, and release your answers to the online public.

Today openness, honesty, and transparency are the keys to generating traffic online.

Consumers are searching for these phrases whether you like it or not.

That’s what they do; it’s what we all do when we search for and vet products, services, and businesses online.

By addressing all the issues about a product and service from it’s supposed drawbacks or problems, to actual price you can actually beat your competitors to the punch by thoroughly explain the good, bad, and ugly of a product.

This gives you massive credibility in your customer’s minds and thwarts the efforts of your competitors that may try to disparage your product. Think like a consumer and be willing to answer their questions. Listen to what your potential customers are thinking, feeling, and saying. Then produce content and useful tools to address and answer that.

In other words--Listen, Teach, Listen, Teach, Listen, Teach... and Be Useful. Content that is never read is essentially a failure:

Quality will be the most important aspect of digital content moving forward.

When we think of content, we often think of a compilation of words that tell a story relevant to our buyer and connect to our brand.

The problem is that our prospects have less time to read these words, even when they tell a well-crafted story that can be useful to them.

We’re in a state of information overflow, and many are looking for a way to dig out.

We have learned to digest information faster – sometimes even at a glance. This quick consumption of data lets us know the big message and allows us to decide whether or not we need to keep reading.

Generating compelling searchable content that people want to consume can help drive traffic to your website, attract and retain a dedicated following, and greatly increase brand awareness.

In order to produce quality content you’re going to need a good source of raw material to continually draw upon.

Of all online-connected Australians, more than one in five shop or browse online between 6pm and 10pm. 26% of daily media consumption by Australians takes place on mobile devices.
60% of consumers have ceased engagement with multiple brands because of poorly targeted communications.

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