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How to use Social Media for Content Marketing

The discussion about your brand is already happening online; you’re either part of it or you're not.

24% of Australian consumers say they use social media to make purchase decisions.
71% of Australians read other consumers’ opinions and discussions about brands online.

Social media works hand in hand with content to produce results.

You need a steady stream of content to share on your social channels to provide thought leadership in each stage of the buying cycle.

Many of your customers and prospects are turning to social networks to consume their news and best practices, so social is the perfect venue for viewing and sharing your content.

Set up your buyer personas so you know what content will resonate the most. The closer you get to saying something unique and relatable, the more peer-to-peer engagement and sharing you will experience.

If you are a smaller company without many available assets or available resources for content creation, take into consideration repurposing already created pieces.

Whatever original piece of content you produce, you should also consider turning it into the following formats:

  • • Blog posts
  • • Whitepaper
  • • Slide deck
  • • Video
  • • Checklists
  • • Tip sheets
  • • Podcast
  • • Infographics
  • • ebooks
  • • Definitive Guides
  • • Tip sheets
  • • Fun content such as memes and cartoons

Doing so makes the content much easier to share and so it becomes more effective at driving your business goals.

Creating a variety of content types to share on social media channels means your audience remains engaged, and is a great way to show your expertise and your personality.

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