Structured Data and Semantic Markup for Content Marketing

Using Structured Data and Semantic Markup for Content Marketing

Structured data is a huge paradigm shift that is either going to make your business or break it.

According to Jim Wyatt, former General Manager, Digital Economy, Department of Commerce, and Government of Western Australia structured data and the NBN will allow businesses and organisations to push their services directly into people’s homes in ways we can’t even imagine yet.

More and more businesses are going to become publishers and broadcasters of their own content, streaming it directly into their customers’ homes and pockets via a range of devices.

But to do so, your data, your content, needs to be structured correctly.

Get Your Content Ready Now

If you have a piece of content, then obviously you want to use it for as many applications and devices as possible.

That is you don’t want to be writing or coding different product descriptions and videos for each device. The smart thing to do is produce it once, and then reuse it for all devices.

This is where structured data comes in. Essentially if you mark up your initial content correctly, then other devices and applications can grab that content and re-purpose it for another device.

Basically what it means is that:

  • • You mark all of your content up once so that it
  • • can be used in unlimited ways
  • • by unlimited applications
  • • on unlimited devices
  • • -Create once, use multiple times.

EG: If you a write product description for the web page of your online store, any other device or application can grab that description and display it in another format on another device.

That’s the simple explanation.

When you get into the details of it, the possibilities are endless.

Think of your content as an asset, a very valuable asset.

You’re Not Just Writing for the Web Anymore

Any content you produce can be enhanced and reused in a multitude of ways.

The more options you have to reuse and broadcast it, the better for your marketing, advertising, public relations, customer service, technical support and more.

The NBN and structured data is going to make this a whole new game.

Your content is going to become a huge strategic asset. The better you can use that asset, the more successful you will be.

It in effect turns your content into part of a giant database. If you have good content in a database you want people to easily find and share it, so it becomes crucial that you mark it up correctly. That’s what all this new data mark-up is for.

More importantly it makes all of the pieces of your content jigsaw easy to associate with you and your company. This of course is a huge boost if you are trying to build your company’s profile and position it as an industry leader.

Structured data also has huge implications for organic search engine traffic and social media sharing.

If you need help understanding structured data and marking up your content to gain a strategic advantage in the digital marketplace, then give me a call.

Businesses that don’t get ready for the new data economy will struggle to survive, as this piece from business Spectator makes clear:

The Australian economy is evolving and many of the big companies are set to lose out in the new landscape. The problem for the dinosaurs is deep.

Their business models are biased against innovation in the online space and they will never understand the internet because of this.

We will see them surpassed by agile new players who will pop up unexpectedly.

Too many Australian companies view the internet and digital media as an outpost of their marketing function, rather than an essential part of their business.

72 per cent of businesses are missing out on market share and are ripe for disruption.

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