Today (March 10th) I received a free copy of "The Soccer Mom Myth" by Michelle Miller and Holly Buchanan.

It was a surprise in so many ways, all of which illustrate how easy it is to generate fantastic word of mouth marketing.

It started when I left a tiny post on Future Now's blog where Holly works.

Next thing I know I get an email from them saying they are going to send me a free copy.

Very impressed, but wait, I thought, they probably don't know I live outside of the US, in Perth, Western Australia the most isolated capitol city in the western world.

Seriously, pick a direction, any direction, and the next nearest city is 3,000 kms away, and in most cases closer to 8-9,000kms.

Anyway, I thanked them profusely and sent back the mail details, expecting to hear back saying that they hadn't realised I was so far away and that they didn't deliver outside of the US.

Downunder we get that at least half the time when ordering online, so we always expect it.

Monday Morning Surprise

Didn't hear anymore, but this morning a FedEx van came down the drive with my freshly minted copy of "The Soccer Mom Myth" . Now this thing is only being released in New York today Monday, March 10, and I already have a copy in Perth.

I am seriously impressed.

Firstly they gave it to me for free, when I wasn't expecting it.

Secondly they sent it half way around the world, at their cost, also totally unexpected.

Thirdly it arrived in about three days. Three days! Unbelievable. Normally we bank on two weeks.

I know it's a marketing strategy, about going the extra yard and creating what Tom Peters calls raving fanatics for your product or brand, but it makes no difference that I know.

When it happens, you still feel incredibly privileged and special. I just love it that they looked after me so well when they didn't have to.

Think about it, when was the last time a business looked after you really, really well?

So What Happens Now?

Firstly I blog and post about the extraordinary level of customer service of Future Now and "The Soccer Mom Myth" anywhere and everywhere I can. (And I haven't even read the book yet. Talk about creating marketing buzz.)

Then I email all my female colleagues telling them about the book, although in truth I'm a bit reticent to do this 'cos once they discover that I have one of the few copies of the book in this region of the southern hemisphere, they will pressure me relentlessly to lend it to them, and once that happens I'll never see it again.

But if I don't, they'll wait till I go out, then come 'round, go thru my stuff and borrow it anyway. Best to share the love upfront.

Next, once those of those of my female friends who work in marketing have read it, they'll probably demand that all their male colleagues read it before they'll ever discuss marketing with them again. (It may even become required reading for a few hubbies, especially prior to birthdays, Xmas and anniversaries.)

And of course, once I've finished reading it I'll almost certainly spread the word on how great it is a whole lot more.

This is Classic Marketing.

A stellar example of how to generate word of mouth buzz. I suspect this book will top The New York Times' Best Seller List real soon.

Stay tuned for an actual book review in the coming week.

Also, if any of you have any classic stories where a business went out of its way to service you, I'd love to hear them.

Update: Be sure to check out Michelle's site WonderBranding - Marketing to Women (there's a lot for us men to learn) and a interesting post on the new Word of Mouth society .

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