The web is now the dominant medium in Australia according to the latest Nielsen report on “The Australian Online Consumer Landscape 2012.”

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Nielsen 2012 Report

According to Nielsen, internet penetration has reached saturation point in Australia with over 92% of Australians having access to the web at home.

The implications of the numbers in the report will be the cause of fundamental change in the Australian media and marketing landscape.

"Internet World Stats cites Australia as one of the leading nations in terms of internet penetration as a proportion of the total population."

"The internet continues to be an integral media in the lives of Australian online consumers, with the vast majority (93%) accessing the internet daily."


Everyone's Online a Lot, Even Your Gramps

hours onlineThe majority of users under 60 use the web for over 20 hours a week.

Even the over 60’s are using it for more than 18 hours a week.

What’s more interesting is that the web has become the dominant information medium, with the average Aussie spending 21.54  hours a week on the web compared to 15.30 hours watching TV.

That’s like more than half a working week.


There's a New Sherriff in Town

Preferred media info source

The guard has changed and the web now controls the information range.

Some 60% of web users access the web while watching TV.

But 54% regard the web as their preferred source of information.

Obviously many of us are now multi tasking and we live in a multi channel world.

However, what’s interesting about the report is that it puts some hard numbers on the huge changes that have occurred in the media landscape.

These are changes which many sectors have yet to realise, let alone catch up with.


The Shape of Things to Come

Hours by mediuam

If the web is far and away the dominant medium, why is so much of the advertising and marketing dollar spent on TV and other offline mediums?

It seems inevitable that the advertising dollar must shift to where the consumers are.

Why are retailers like Gerry Harvey, Myers and David Jones only just thinking about creating online stores?

Again, if that’s where the consumers are, then that’s where retailers must go, and what does that portend for the fate of big shopping malls?

How long can TV news survive? It ceased to be relevant years ago.

Clearly Australian’s collective mouse has roared:

“We’re here, we’re online, we like it and we’re not leaving.”

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