I could have easily come up with a 1001 tips, but that might have been too much to digest in one sitting. As I say on my main site, most online businesses are suffering from"The Death of a Thousand Cuts". With conversion rates till stuck at around 2.0 percent, for the vast majority of online businesses, there is still plenty of work to do. So, in no particular order here are are the first 101 tips to boost your online results:

1: Your Site Must Work
2: Be Standards Compliant
3 Be Accessibility
4 Make It Fast – Slow Sites Kill Sales
6 Measure Everything
7 Test Everything
8 Make It Easy

9 Make It Fun
10 Use Google Analytics

11 Use Google AB Tester (Website Optimiser)
12 Have Clear Calls To Action
13 Have A Compelling USP
14 Write Great Copy
15 Have Great Pics
16 Write for Customer Scanning
17 Write for Scent Retrieval
18 Use Active Invitations in Links
19 Understand Eye Tracking and Design Accordingly
20 Reduce the Number of Steps


21 Make It Usable
22 Make It Engaging
23 Speak To The Customer WIFM
24 Ask For The Sale
25 Provide Clear Contact Information

26 Provide Clear Privacy Information
27 Provide Clear Guarantees
28 Let Them Know There Are Real People Behind The Organisation
29 Make Navigation Easy
30 Make Registration Easy, Or Not At All
31 Personalize
32 Provide A Search Function
33 Stick To The Conventions Don’t Be Smart
34 Explain Everything Up Front
35 Don’t Ask For Too Much Information
36 Don’t Use Flash
37 Use Web 2.0, and RIA’s Sparingly, if at all.
38 Analyse Everything
39 Refine Everything
40 Obey the Law, in Spirit as Well as in Letter



41 Provide Testimonials, Customer Ratings And Reviews
42 Understand That The Customer is in Control
43 Make Your Font Size Bigger
44 Differentiate Yourself
45 Remove the Risk, the Fear
46 Support the Customers’ Decision
47Create an Experience
48 Develop Compelling Reasons for Doing Business With You.
49 Provide Third Party Authority Verification

50 Reduce the Elements on a Page
51 Reduce the Navigational Elements on a Page
52 Get Rid of the Ads
53 Offer A Choice Of Payment Options
54 Have a Clear Purpose, a Well Defined Reason for Operating the Site, That Can be Measured in Tangible Terms.
55 Don’t Overreach Yourself, Manage the Expectations.
56 Take it Slowly
57 Everything Must Work for Everybody/ Every Browser
58 Have an Advanced Search Function
59 Learn How to Use Excel and Draw Your Own Charts
60 Read My Blog

61 Read Avinash Kaushik’s Blog
62 Read Jeffrey And Bryan Eisenberg’s Blog (Buy Their Books)
63 Monitor Your Uptime
64 Inform Customers About In-store Returns
65 Use Promotions
66 Provide Detailed Store Locations
67 Provide a Range of Delivery Options
68 Detail Any Manufacturer Rebates
69 Provide a Detailed Product Locator
70 Provide in Store Pick Up Options
71 Use Alternate Product Views, More Pics
72 Highlight Benefits, Not Features (WIFM, WIFM, WIFM)
73 Use Up Sells and Cross Sells
74 Use a One Page Shopping Process
75 Provide Product Comparisons
76 Use a Zoom Feature on Product Pics
77 Provide an Online Discount
78 Provide a Frequent Shopper Advantage
79 Provide Tips, How To’s, Tutorials, Downloadable Manuals (Especially If You’re a DIY Store, Hardware, Electronics etc.)
80 Provide a Quick View


81 Provide a Quick Order
82 Provide Real Time Inventory
83 Provide Back Orders/Back In Stock Alerts
84 Provide Online Order Tracking
85 Use a Persistent Shopping Cart
86 Provide Product Pics and Recap in the Shopping Cart
87 Use a Wishlist
88 Let Customers Know How Long it Will Take to Deliver/ Receive Their Goods
89 Provide Live Help
90 Provide a Toll Free Number
91 Don’t Ask Them to Login or Register Before They Can Shop. In Fact, This Shouldn’t be Necessary at all.
92 Allow Easy Shopping Cart Changes, Especially Quantities, That Don’t Delete All Cart Info.
93 Use Video, Multimedia RIA etc Sensibly
94 Prepare for the Semantic Web
95 Provide Egift Cards
96 Provide What’s New, Best Sellers Feature
97 Use Seasonal Promotions
98 Stay in Touch
99 Provide User Feedback on any forms, functions, widgets etc. Let the user know what’s happening, what’s going to happen, when it’s finished happening and above all else, what they should do next.

100 Read Poetry. Having done tertiary studies in both literature and business, I’ve noticed that the best business literature is very similar to the best literary essays and novels. No surprise really, there both about the same things human endeavour, human relationships and human achievement. Reading something unrelated will often sharpen your mind and give you new insights.
101 Wallace Stevens -

Six Significant Landscapes

Rationalists, wearing square hats,
Think in square rooms,
Looking at the floor,
Looking at the ceiling,
They confine themselves to right-angled triangles.
If they tried rhomboids,
Cones, waving lines, ellipses –
As for example, the ellipse
of the full moon
Rationalists would wear sombreros.

If you want any clarification on any of the above, please feel free to ask.

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