Some of you may have discovered that there are different types of "visitors" within Google Analytics - Visitors, Absolutie Unique Visitors and Unique Visitors.

This can be frustrating when you're trying to build a picture of how many real customers are coming to your site and where they came from in terms of your marketing efforts.

I've long argued for my preference for Unique Visitors as a more useful metric. In a previous post I showed how to set up a Custom Report in Google Analytics to show that data for each marketing medium.

If you do set up such a Custom Report, you will probably find the data is at odds with other visitor data within Google Analytics.

Don't worry, As Avinash explains in the video, your Custom Report data for Unique Visitors is the one to trust. You can hear him answer my question at the 16 minute mark and explain the differences between the various visitor types.

The whole thing is worth watching as they cover a lot of great information on how to use Google Analytcs.

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