How to be a Click Magnet

If you don’t have the basics right at the outset, people will abandon your site at the very first step
- and you’ll have to work doubly hard to get them to come back.
Ernst & Young 2012

Every interaction online is a chance to gain or lose a customer, and online there are thousands of technical, business, marketing and performance moments where your organisation can either shine or fail.

We make sure you shine in those moments and gain business.

Online, your customer has little tolerance for things that don't work, and can leave your site in a millisecond, usually never to return.

This is not an environment where you want to keep making the same basic mistakes.

Yet time and again businesses do just that.

Stop Leaving Money on the Table

Most websites and online marketing campaigns, regardless of how successful they already are, still leave a huge amount of lost business on the table.

Opportunities for greatly improving online results are continually being ignored.

All too often sites and campaigns are performing poorly because they haven't covered off on the basics.

Improve Your Results Sooner

By identifying and implementing thousands of technical, performance, business, marketing and design "tweaks" for your business, you can implement real improvement steadily and quickly.

Significant results can be gained in a short space of time as you are in effect stopping the business you already have from running out the door.

And this is just the start, just the groundwork for higher performing online assets.

This is the work we do. We can work on a single web page, a specific online marketing campaign, an individual email or an entire website.

We can give you high level strategic advice on how to create a high converting online asset or marketing campaign, as well as tactical, day to day advice on turning that strategy into action.

How We Do it

The work we do can be broken down into four key ares:

Persuasive Copy-writing

Persuasive Design

Performance Enhancement

Analytics and Testing

The principles and practices can be applied to all forms of online marketing.

Persuasive copy-writing and design work on the fact that human beings make decisions emotionally rather than rationally. By understanding how they respond to words and design, we can craft a marketing experience that truly engages your customers and has them wanting to do business with you.

Performance Enhancement is simply making sure all the underlying technology works. Slow sites and things that don't work cost you business. Fixing them makes you money.

Analytics and Testing

This is where the rubber hits the road. The abundance of tracking and testing tools online means that all of your marketing and advertising is accountable. You can see what works and what didn't, plus how much it cost you and made you.

This gives you real business intelligence. Knowing this you can make better marketing and better budget decisons, you can allocate resources and time more productively and you can systematically increase your results.

Learn more...

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