Tell the truth, damn it!

Tiger Wood’s lame apology was universally panned for being phoney.

Hey, even us guys could tell he was just blowing smoke up our collective fairways.  Not to mention some of his die hard fans who felt queasy about the whole thing.

So, if nearly everybody could see through this heavily choreographed charade, what does that have to do with increasing your website conversion rate? 

Simple: The same people who saw through Tiger in an instant are the same people coming to your website. And they will see through any of your marketing fluff or copywriting shenanigans just as quickly.

Now Tiger, presumably had the services of the best writers, stage managers, video directors, choreographers, and assorted spin doctors money could buy. None of which made the slightest bit of difference.

So there’s little chance that you will be able to do any better. Your only option is to be straight with your online customers and potential customers.

This concept may be hard for a some online marketers and advertising types to swallow, but it’s the only way your going to make a real connection with your customers.

Respect them, and they will reward you. Present your information and details in a way that gives them the information they want. Don’t try to hide anything, they will find out anyway.

By all means you still need to present your products in the best way possible, use persuasive language to engage the client and use all the best marketing techniques, just leave the snake oil at the back of the shed with all the other toxic waste.

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