Google Analytics Alternatives

Google Analytics Alternatives

If you're looking for alternatives to Google Analytics there are plenty on offer and they range from free to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

Here's a list of some of the better known ones.


is cute, quick and easy to use. It’s similar to Google Analytics.

Piwik Free Analytics Plugio


looks simply gorgeous and must have one of the best looking dashboards. It provides similar information as the other analytics packages but everything just seems easier to access. You can get started from around $12 a month depending on your traffic.

Woopra Stunning Looking analytics Program



is free, it provides the standard analytics information in a fairly straightforward interface. Worth a look if you’re tired of Google Analytics. It also seems more straighforward to use.


This is something different. While it collects the usual data, it is more geared towards defining your audience demographics so that you can sell your reach to other advertisers. It’s much more sophisticated than the other free analytics packages, and if your into segmenting and defining your audience then it’s a great service, plus it's free. The Quantcast blurb:

Audience measurement service

Quantcast is a team of web analytics experts building powerful statistical technology to understand digital media audiences. Quantcast helps publishers of all sizes understand the composition of their audiences and attract higher advertising rates, and helps marketers and agencies find elusive online audiences wherever they might be. This web site allows anyone to view audience reports on millions of digital media properties.

Like almost any online service, you have to experience and play with these tools to see what they can do and offer you. As they’re all free, you have nothing to lose.


Visitor Analyser

Is different to most other analytics services, Clicktales allows you to record “movies” of what your customers actually do on your site.

Sort of like a visual click analysis.

It also provides heatmaps, link and form analysis enabling you to see just how your customers are interacting on your site.

You can start with 400 page views recorded per month for free. If you want to record more then the price goes up to $99 per month for 20,000 page views to $790 for 240,000 page views.


A relatively new player int he analytics field, Clicky has a extensive range of features and prices start from $15 a month.


Goingup includes the usual analytics reports but is more geared towards seo.


Another great looking dashboard, Kissmetrics focuses on marketing and customer retention reports. The service includes A/B testing. Prices start from around $30 a month and up.


Lytics is another service aimed at marketers and businesses who want to track all of their referral streams such as phone, radio, TV, offline display, web etc.



From $9.99 per month and upwards.


From free then $150 a month and rising depending on traffic.


Free, professional and enterprise versions


Starting at $19.95 a month and rising

P Metrics





The Big Guns

All of the previous services will probably give you more data than you can dream of, but if you're after even more grunt, then get out your cheque book and try these out.


Now part of Adobe, it offers a integrated marketing analysis suite. Prices start from around $10,000 a month and quickly go up.


Apart from Reinvigorate mentioned earlier, Webtrends also offers a range of enterprise level services. Prices are on par with Omniture.

Google Premium

Google has also entered the enterprise space and offers its premium product for around $150,000 a year. Again this is on par with most of the other premium services.

As you can see, at this end of the market it gets quite expensive. If you used one of these services you'd probably also want to employ your own analyst to get the most value out of it, and maybe even a team of analysts. That makes the whole exercise even more expensive so you'd want to do a proper cost benefit analysis of going down such a path.

That being said, plenty of big name companies rely on the free and inexpensive alternaives mentioned earlier.

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