This fantastic homepage really got my tastebuds going, but where oh where is the call to action?

Fantastic looking design from Yogurberry and a great value proposition: "It's not cheating, it's eating healthy." but no direction of where to go.

It's a classic example of a great design let down badly by a non existent call to action.

Remember a call to action is to leave you in no doubt as to what to do next.

Sadly in this case, and as with most websites, it's a guessing game as to where the user is suppossed to go.

Stumblin' In

Eventually I figured out Iwas suppossed to click one of the country links in the very top menu, which takes you to the website proper.

However this is hugely problematic.

The great and tempting image of the naughty yogurts and desserts almost fixates a viewers gaze on the central product. And the slightly naughty value proosition "It's not cheating, it's eating healthy." just cements the users gaze in this area.

That's where they are looking and that's where the call to action should be.

The central image was designed to make the user look at it longingly.

Forcing the user to leave this lovely image and wander all over the page to find where they are suppossed to go is a huge selling, engagement, enrollment, conversion opportunity gone begging.

How to make it great

It could have been easily fixed by moving the country menu bar to below the image and value proposition, with the added instruction: "Choose your country and dive into our desserts." or something along those lines.

These are the knd of simple techniques that make the difference between a successful page and an ordinary one.

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