What Sexy Food Can Teach You About Website Navigation



Sex and food are the two greatest motivators for most people, so any website that combines the two has a good chance of getting high conversion rates and good online business.

The other day I took a shot at Yogurberry for having a great landing page but with no call to action.

That being said it's still a great looking site, and the way it uses it's images on the rest of the site perfectly highlights how captivating the right images can be.

It looks like the designers had a lot of fun when doing this site.

Apart from the images, the navigation and other elements show a lot of creativity and playfulness.

Please sir, can I have some more...

All of which make browsing the site a fun and enjoyable experience. And, if a user has fun on your site, they are likely to come back again.

Now, while all of us may not have such enjoyable and photogenic products as berries and yogurt, this site is a great example of what can be achieved when design is perfectly in tune with both the company and customer desires.

Desire being one of the operative words here.

Playfulness and Desire

So the next time you have to redesign a webpage, email or online add, take a little inspiration from Yogurberry and see if you can add some playfulness and desire into your project.

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