Copywriting for Email Marketing

Copywriting for Email Marketing

Chocolate email buttonEmail marketing is still one of the most effective forms of online marketing any company can do. Creating a proper email marketing channel is essential for an online business.

In general conversion rates and average order values are five times higher than most other forms of online marketing.

Yet, there are a host of details to be worked out before a successful program and campaign can be implemented.

From a effective list building program and registration process, autoresponders, editorial calendar, design, delivery, tracking and measurement, integration with other marketing channels and campaigns.

"For ever $1 spent on email marketing, $44.25 is the average return." Experian

Used well, email will generate the majority of your sales and leads every month.

All of the above or course require copywriting. And if email is one of the most effective marketing tools, then it makes sense to have the best copywriting. After all, small increases in your email’s effectiveness translate into greater profitability.

How to Engage With Your Customers via Email

Email customer acquisition imageAn email message is not a one way communication; it is a dialogue between you and your customers. People don’t buy from emails, people buy from people.

If you learn to participate with the prospect’s conversation, you can guide it to a satisfactory conclusion, a sale, registration or enquiry..

Therefore, effective email messaging requires one often overlooked skill on the part of the marketer: empathy. Putting yourself in the customers position. Too many emails try to go for the sale right from the start, or they aggressively push the company’s agenda.

That’s not the world we live in any-more, the customer is in control. If there is no immediate benefit from reading the email, let alone responding to it, then it is instantly deleted.

Yet carefully crafted subject lines and content can lift conversion rates by hundreds of percent.

[Email has ]... the highest ROI of all direct marketing channels, is the highest driver of online conversions, and is number two (behind only search) for new customer acquisition - Marketing Profs

Learn How to Create Emails That Convert

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