Copywriting Forms That Capture Leads

Copywriting - Forms That Capture Leads

Good form design is essential to getting more business. Whether it’s an online form or an offline order form, a newsletter signup or an event registration form, they all can be improved for greater results.

Forms are inevitably where your customer is asked to make a commitment; the point where they move from just browsing to let’s do business.

As such you would think companies would spend a lot more time thinking about them. Unfortunately they don’t and the result is lost business.

As I’ve said elsewhere, some companies have made hundreds of millions of dollars simply by creating better forms.

Creating a better form is as much art as it is science. The science comes from years of experience in testing and seeing which form words and elements work better.

The art is in understanding how to present that to a prospective customer in an engaging way.

Nobody wants to be sold to, but we all like to shop. It’s a fine line.

We know from research that the more information you ask for the less likely you are to get a result. However, the research also shows that the more information you ask for the better the quality of your lead.

I’ve written several articles in the library on the benefits of good form design, and how changing simple elements can result in many times increases in results. Read



and more.

Once a form is improved the results last forever. It is another of those highly effective marketing techniques that improve your ROI and lower your costs and workload.

If you’d like help writing your forms for better results, then give me a call.

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