Copywriting for Online Advertising

Copywriting for Online Advertising

Online advertising can be a useful marketing strategy when done correctly. Unfortunately more than 90% of online advertisers are doing it badly.

The click thru rate for the majority of online ads is less than 1 in 1,000 and it has been that way for over a decade, and the conversion rate is not that much better. See this blog post

At those numbers it becomes a very costly way to try and get a customer. However, when done right it is possible to get click thru rates that are hundreds of times better than what most people are getting. How to get More from Adwords.

Therefore knowing how to make web advertising work effectively is crucial in any online marketing campaign.

The most popular form of digital advertising is Google Adwords, but there is also Linkedin ads, Facebook ads, Twitter and the list of ways to spend your advertising budget are endless. So knowing which the best mediums are is also critical to your campaign success.

The Right Way to Advertise

If you are going to do online advertising then not only will you need to set a budget for the advertising spend, but you will also need to budget for proper campaign setup and management. This will include the copywriting of the ad, testing of the offer and call to action, proper set up of the landing page and, most essential of all, a systematic means of measuring and optimising the results.

This is a much more scientific way of going about online advertising and the principles and practices to produce advertising that actually sells go back almost a century. Just because we’re now online, it doesn’t mean the driving and motivating factors of human behaviour have changed.

Accountable Advertising

The beauty of online advertising is that you can measure everything, and that means your advertising is accountable. In other words you know exactly how much business or revenue you make from the campaign.

Unfortunately many internet advertising agencies are trying to move away from direct measurement in sales dollar terms as it makes many of them look bad.

Don’t be fooled. Always measure your success in a tangible form that you can take to the bank.

Free tools such as Google Analytics and Google Adwords allow you to accurately measure just how effective your online advertising campaigns are. You can measure the return on investment, conversion rate, click through rate, sales and profitability to name just a few.

We can help you by writing ads and landing pages that produce sales and leads. We can also work with you on your online strategy and advertising campaigns, as well as set up and manage your Google Adwords account.

Online Advertising Tips

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