How to Create Sticky Landing Pages

How to Write Sticky Landing Pages

Sticky Landing pageLanding pages are the critical element in any of your online marketing campaigns. It is where your potential customers land after responding to an email, an online ad, a text, a social media promotion, a QR code and even an organic search result.

Properly constructed landing pages can double even triple your results

  • Triple the conversions
  • Triple the ROI

Therefore it is important to get them right.

You’ve spent your money and effort getting them there; now don’t waste the opportunity with a poorly designed page and user experience.

In other words you want people to stick to them.

Does your landing page pass the blink test?
Can someone look at your page and after a few seconds know what the offer is and what value it has for them?

How To Beat Half Your Competition

Landing pages pdfNearly half the businesses marketing online don’t use landing pages. They direct their traffic to either their homepage or a generic product page.

It takes more than just a good design and nice words. It has to be tailored to your audience.

You have to understand their motivations, desires and pain points. The page needs to incorporate the psychological triggers that make people take action.

What’s more landing pages allow you to compare your various marketing offers. You can build up marketing intelligence on:

  • How visitors and leads are converting over time
  • How your landing pages drive revenue
  • What landing page elements to test and optimize

Doing so allows you to fine tune your marketing by driving down costs and increasing results.

Your Landing Page Essentials

And here’s how to beat the other half of your competition. Your successful landing page must have the following elements:

    • Attention Grabbing Headline
    • No Distractions, No Competition
    • Relevant Content
    • Compelling Offer - Value
    • Call To Action
      • Buy Button
      • Lead Capture Form
      • Signup
    • Relevant and Emotive Imagery
    • Trust Markers
    • Establish Authority
    • Reinforce Benefits
    • Reduce Anxiety
    • Reduce Friction – Make it Easy

Attention Grabbing Headlines

Your headline must stir your prospects interest, quickly grab their attention. It must also be relevant to the campaign that drove them here in the first place. Plus it must be relevant to you offer and most importantly it must speak to their desires and needs. Getting all of that into a headline is a professional art and science.

No Distractions

People are easily distracted so don’t put any other promotions on your page. EG: If you’re selling a product, don’t put a big email newsletter signup form on the page. If you’re after an event registration, don’t promote a secondary product on the page.

Also remove any unnecessary navigation. Keep the page clean and simple with the whole focus on the product or service on offer.

Relevant Content, Copywriting

Related to the above, the writing must be relevant to the offer and what the customer ultimately wants. Don’t waffle. Understand your customer and speak to them in words that resonate for them.

Compelling Offer – Value

Whatever you are offering it must offer real value for your customer, and it must be compelling enough to make them want it. Hire a good copywriter.

Clear Call To Action

You’d be surprised how businesses forget this. You must ask for the sale, booking or desired action. You must direct the customer on what to do next. And you must design it to look obvious and attractive.

Emotive and Relevant Imagery

People take action based on their emotions and nothing triggers emotions more quickly than images. So don’t use any handy image. Select one that is relevant and pushes all the right emotional buttons.

Trust Markers and Authority

People buy from companies they trust and believe, so it is important to establish yourself as authoritative and trustworthy. You can do this with trust and security seals, third party awards, professional accreditations and of course testimonials.

Reinforce the Benefits

It’s not enough to just describe the benefits once. You must reinforce them at least three times throughout the page.

Reduce Anxiety and Friction

People are still anxious about buying on the web, especially from a new company. Any glitches on your site can turn them away. The easier you can make it for them to do business with you, the more likely you are to make a sale.

You can achieve this with good, professional design and copywriting, a bug free and fast performing site, simple forms, don’t ask for too much, for anything you don’t need or that they are reluctant to give you. Follow the KISS principle.

Learn How to Create Landing Pages That Get Results

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