What Does SEO Cost in Australia?

SEOCosts Infogrpahic ThumbnailLeading international SEO agency SEOMoz recently (Jan 2012) released a report on what SEO costs around the world. 

In Australia most SEO firms charge between $100 to $300 an hour.

See the full infographic here...

However, in looking at some of the other stats, there are some interesting variations in pricing structures for search engine optimisation.


Professional vs Snakeoil

SEO Hourly Rates

First of all, as you’ll see from the graph, there’s a group that charges under $50 and hour then a jump to the main group that charges $100-$300 and hour.

Why the difference? Well you get what you pay for, and search optimisation has become a highly specialised and professional field.

Therefore you should expect to pay professional rates, and clearly this is what most practitioners in the Australian  industry are charging.

If you’re paying less than that, then check your SEO provider’s capability and results.

This is not to say agencies charging less than $50 an hour are not any good, they may well be, and they may have a cost structure that allows them to be profitable at those rates.

What I am saying, is do your due diligence. Organic search engine performance is one of the biggest drivers of traffic and revenue to most online business sites. Therefore it is a critical online marketing tactic and one that is worthwhile spending the money to get right.


Payment Models

Payment options were evenly divided between monthly retainers, project based fees, fixed price and hourly rates.

SEO Hourly Rates Chart


Project Fees and Monthly Retainers

Where the results get curious is in the following charts. There is some build up around the $1,000 mark for projects, and $250-$500 a month for monthly retainers.

SEO Monthly Retainer Chart

The question I have with that is that if the average professional rate is around $200 and hour, then the customer/client is not going to get much work done for that amount.

SEO is a time and labour intensive task.

What You Can Learn From All This...

If SEO is important for your business and you really want to get the most benefit from it, then you will need to budget for it on an annual basis. That is, it should be part of the marketing budget and approached as such.

Doing it as a one off, or ad hoc project will not really help you achieve your long term online business goals.

Finally, make sure yuou get professional advice.

See the large infographic version of the results here courtesy of http://www.aytm.com.

Read the original SEOMoz post here.

What are your thoughts?

How much do you pay or charge for SEO in Australia?

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