Busy People Don't Blog

For most of this year I have been extremely busy. Too busy to blog regularly. Also, everyone I know is very busy. So it got me thinking:

"Who has time to blog?"

Not many of us as it turns out.

According to a recent Technorati survey, of the 100's of millions of blogs it tracks over 95% have been abandoned. And while that still leaves about 10 million, only 1% of them are getting read.

Are we all too busy or did we just get bored?

Implications for Business - Should You Blog?

If you're thinking about starting up a blog in the desperate hope it will improve your bottomline, then there are two things you need to know:

1: Blogs Take Time

2: Blogs Cost Money

Blogging is an inherently time and skilled labour intensive activity. If you haven't got the time, budget or resources to do it properly, then you shouldn't bother.

The other main things to consider are:

  • Do you have something worthwhile and interesting to say?
  • Do people want to read it?
  • Can you actually write?

Unless you have something to say that adds value to people's lives and makes them want to listen to what what you have to say, then again there's no point creating a blog.

Also. you need to be able to write, and write well in an entertaining or informative manner. That's a very rare skill, and one for which copywriters, authors, screenwriters and other professional writers are usually highly paid.

Is Blogging Dead?

No, it's just growing up.

Like anything new, it goes through it's cool and fashionable stage before the "net set" move on to whatever the next "shiny new thing" is.

That leaves more committed people to figure out how to most effectively use the technology for more productive outcomes.

That usually takes work and smarts - which is probably why several 100 million blog owners don't update their blogs.

Is there anybody out there?

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