How Much Does Blogging Cost?

- $20k a Month

pay to play
Are you prepared to pay for blogging success?

Seriously? Neil Patel who writes a great blog at QuickSprout recently listed how much it costs him to blog every month and be successful.

(And I thoroughly recommend you subscribe to Neil's blog, he writes a lot of very informative how to articles.)

At over $20,000 a month Neil's costs might cause most of us to gulp an say: ”Get outta here.” but when looking at Neil's figures they are pretty conservative.

Which begs the question: How much is your business, any business, prepared to spend on its blogging strategy to make it actually work, as in generate leads and business?

We all know that content marketing and inbound marketing have changed the marketing game permanently. (We do all know that don't we?)

And to compete these days all businesses need to be their own publishing department.

Yet for many small and even medium sized businesses the $240,000 a year price tag just for blogging is way out of the question.

However Neil's post does bring the whole blogging strategy into sharp relief.

You have to be prepared to invest in it to make it work.

Pay Peanuts You Get...

And therein lies the rub. Many businesses are still only dabbling with online business, or seeing it as something extra or separate from their “real” everyday business.

So a sticker shock of $240k for just one aspect of online marketing is likely to have them running for the exits.

If you multiply this by all the other aspects of online marketing you need to be doing, seo, PPC, analytics, conversion rate optimisation, social media etc the price soon becomes very substantial.

As I argued in an older post, it costs at least around $1 million a year to run an online business. What Does it Cost to Run an Online Business?

I got hammered for saying so then, and probably will again.

And in another previous post I described how it costs around $10,000 to get Google Analytics properly installed.If Google Anallytics is Free Why Does it Cost So Much? (More incredulous comments.)

The point is professional work costs money. You either employ someone capable enough to do it or you do it yourself. Either way there is a business cost.

Is Blogging Really That Expensive?

Depends. Maybe not when you're starting out, but if you want it to work as a business and marketing channel then, as I said, Neil's costs are pretty conservative so you need to be thinking about budgets in those terms.

You may not need to spend on a Rolls Royce CDN like Akamai, but if you start getting a lot of traffic some sort of CDN will become essential.

You may not need to spend money on designers, writers and technicians but think about that for a moment.

In just about every other form of business communication we are prepared to spend money on public relations, advertising and other communications professionals to get our messages across in the most effective and professional way.

Why should the web be any different?

This probably explains why over 90% of blogs don't work or get any traffic. The owners haven't made the investment.

What To Do?

I've talked about this often with some of my peers, Richard Keeves Richard Keeves and James Bull and we often comment about how appalled we are that so many Australian business owners are so far behind in the online business and marketing space.

Often it's downright disheartening. As Richard keeps saying: ”They simply don't know what they don't know.”

(Maybe they need a weekend seminar to get transformed, but I digress.)

Nor is the problem confined to just Australian businesses. Brian Solis coined the term “Digital Darwinism” to describe what's happening to those companies that fail to adapt to the digital world.

The solution is to simply embrace the online and digital space wholeheartedly. Easier said than done I know because it will cost you, but not doing so will cost you even more.

Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back. ? William H. Murray

...and oh dear I'm back in an 80's weekend seminar again.

How much do you think online business costs?

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