How to Turbo Charge Your Linkedin Profile

Linkedin for Business Tip 2

turbo charge linkedinBeing easily found on Linkedin is essential if you want to attract new business. But with the millions of other professionals on the network how do you make sure you are at the top of the list?

Optimising your profile is one of the smartest and relatively easiest things you can do on Linkedin.  By optimising, I mean that when someone does a search for a specialist professional in a particular field, your name is at the top of the Linkedin search results.

I already covered how to ensure you had a 100% complete profile in a previous post, so if you haven’t d one that, do that first before doing what follows.


Know Your Keywords

The first thing you need to do is decide what search terms, keywords, you want to rank for. IE If someone is looking for a skilled professional in your area what words do they typically use to search for someone?

Avoid using industry jargon or professional speak. Remember your prospective customer doesn’t speak your industry language, so try and think like they do.

Linkedin HeadlineOnce you have chosen your keywords, place them in the following key areas of your profile.

The first place to put them is in your professional headline, the short description that goes after your name.


Next use them in your Summary, and here you can expand on the keyword themes and describe all the services and skills you provide.

Linkedin Summary

Linkedin skillsThen you can do the same in the Skills & Expertise section.



Avoid keyword stuffing in you profile.  You may have seen some profiles where they have the same keyword repeated 60 times or more in these sections. Don’t do this. It may get you a better ranking in the short term, but eventually Linkedin will penalise you for it.

And also, any prospective customer  seeing a professional profile with nothing but the same word endlessly repeated will quickly dismiss it as that of a spam artist.


The Most Important Tip of All

This next tip is perhaps one of the best things you can do to improve your search results ranking.

For your current position and all of your past positions, use the best keywords in the title. You’re limited here as to how many words you can put in, so choose the keywords you think will get you the most enquiries. That is, the words you want to rank for and be at the top of the Linkedin search results.

If you understand this, then you will realise the more current and previous positions you have, the better. Each one is an opportunity to craft your profile for maximum performance.

So fill out your profile with all of your positions.Linkedin Positions

After you’ve done the titles, then repeat the process for the job descriptions. That is, use your selection of keywords in descriptive summaries for each position.

By now you should be getting the idea. You should use the keywords in any and all of the sections on your profile. The above ones are the most important, but you can also use the keywords in your Associations, Education, Blog Post titles, Reading List, Groups you belong too.

Also, if you can get your referrers to use a few keywords in their recommendations, that will also help.


What Sort of Results Can You Expect?

As an example of how I eat my own dog food, if you do a search on Linkedin for “Google Analytics,” you will see I come out in at number two out of over 120,000 other people with the same skill worldwide.linkedin search results

If you search for “conversion rate optimisation” I hold the top spot out of 1300 others.

Or if you search for “online marketing perth” you’ll see I’m number one out of almost 2,000 competitors.

That’s because I’ve optimised my profile for the first two terms, and optimised it locally for the third one.

So there’s another tip: If you are targeting a local market, make sure you include your city, state or country in your profile sections.

You can have a look at my profile to see how I’ve implemented all of the above tips. You don’t have to exactly as I’ve done it, just use it as a guide.


The Cherry on Top


Apart from improving your Linkedin profile and results, there is one other very important benefit you will get from doing all of this: Better organic search engine rankings and traffic.

It works like this. Google wants quality content and awards certain sites better rankings based on who they are. Linkedin is a high quality site and Google treats it accordingly.

What this means is that if you have optimised your profile to do well in Linkedin, it will also rank well in Google and the search engines. In fact in many cases your Linkedin profile may outrank your own website.

That is your professional LinkedIn profile will appear much higher up in the rankings because of Linkedin’s reputation. Of course it follows that your profile may also rank higher than your competitors too.

Whichever way you look at it, you still benefit.

There are other search engine benefits too, and I’ll cover them another time.

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