Most Online Marketers Still Clueless

The Insanity Continues

Most online marketers are still clueless as to where to spend their money, or your money more to the point.

For every $80 spent online to get a prospect to just come to your website, only $1 is spent on actually turning them into a customer once they get there, according to Omniture.

This is madness, and unfortunately it's been going on for over a decade.

According to Omniture in 2008

•  $23 billion was spent on online search and display ads

•  But only $250 million was spent on site optimization

I'm sorry, let's read that again, that's billions vs millions.

A Picture Saves a Billion Dollars

That looks something like this

No wonder online conversion rates are so low (still around 2%). Almost everybody's working on the wrong stuff.

Why would anybody spend billions of dollars to get people to come to their store, and then do nothing about it when they arrived?

I just think that's an insane waste of money.

Increasing your onsite conversion is one of the smartest online marketing strategies you can do. That is, turn more of the browsers you already have on your website into customers, leads, registrations etc.

Compared to online advertising it's relatively cheap, and the results can be staggering.

What's more any increases in performance you get are perpetual, that is you get the benefit every month.

Plus they also work like compound interest, each small increase amplifying all of your marketing efforts until eventually you get an almost unstoppable revenue machine.

Achieve More, Spend Less

I'm not going to go into why people keep spending their money on the wrong things, that's a never ending debate.

All I'll say is that if you just recognize the misguided efforts of most online marketing, you will be nearly 100 times better off than most of your competitors.

You'll have more customers and you will have spent less to get them.

How to optimize your site to do that is what this blog is about and you'll find dozens of practical tips in this blog to get you started.



This just in from Econsultancy. Their research shows the ratio is 92:1. It's getting worse.

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