Your Customer's not a Geek, She's Your Wife

Why you must stop treating your online customers as geeks.

customer wifeToo many websites are designed by geeks for geeks; yet most of your customers aren't geeks.

For most businesses, your online customers are your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, hubby, parents and even your gramps.

As this recent post showed, women are powerful financial and social force online.

People from 16 to 60 are now using the web as their dominant media.

As such your website needs to cater for them, especially those that are your target market.


It's About Psychology not Technology

A properly functioning website is more about the psychology and personality of these people than it is about any particular technology.

Most of your customers are not up with the latest online technology or cool design practices beloved of so many in the online world. For the most part they don't even care.

All they care about is that the website works and it gives them what they want.

And it's not just the technical people who fall into this trap. Just as many online marketers make the same mistake of falling in love with the technology instead of the customer.

This is often called “shiny ball syndrome”, because the people responsible for building and promoting your website are always distracted by the latest shiny new toy.

Never make the mistake of thinking your customers are interested in what your designers and developers are interested in.

As a business owner you need to be aware of this and pull your development staff back from time to time to get their focus back on the customer.


Love Your Inner Luddite

Doing so may, almost inevitably, cause howls of protest and sullen looks from the online department as they are taken from their latest toy and told to eat their meat and vegies first.

You may even be called a Luddite.

However, it is far better to make your website simple and easy to use than it is to fill it with the latest widgets and applications of the day. (Probably cheaper too.)

Faster and easier to use websites simply sell more.

As marketing expert George Silverman says, the easier you make it for people to do business with you, the more successful you will be.


Footnote: For those of you who have studied marketing, you'll know I paraphrased the late, great David Olgivy for the heading of this post. If you didn't know that, then it's time for you to hit the books.

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