Digital Transformation Tips

The story you tell is more disruptive than the technology itself. Everybody has access to the same technology, some are just able to create a better story about what they can do with it. All the talk about digital technology making old business and service models obsolete, misses this fundamental truth about disruption.

Stories are Disruptive, Technology Not So Much

From haute couture to warehouse logistics, digital technologies are so enmeshed in everyday life trying to separate the digital economy from the actual economy is a fool’s errand.

There is No Digital Economy, it’s Just the Economy

Social media sites and digital media are not doing your business any long term favours. An over dependence on them means your business can be held to ransom at any time.

A Digital Dependency Intervention (Again)

Seven out of 8 companies are failing at digital transformation. Are they doing it wrong or is there something else going on that most people have missed?

The Myth of Digital Transformation

If you’re not thinking about disrupting your existing business someone else is. Here are five tips to get you started - now.

Five Digital Transformation Tips [Video+[Infographic]

Australian businesses are far behind what their customers expect and demand, leaving the door open for more agile start-ups to take their business and customers away from them.

Australian Business Behind in Digital Transformation

The Pizza show on SBS recently showed a fascinating example of how every business is now a digital business. Company culture is just as important as robots and pizza dough.

If Pizza Can be Disrupted, So Can You

Digital business has been in Australia for almost three decades now. There are plenty of experienced people around. What's lacking is a willingness to pay for talent and experience.

There Is Not a Shortage of Digital Talent in Australia

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