The Pizza show on SBS recently showed a fascinating example of how every business is now a digital business.

Zume Pizza is using technology to make better quality pizzas and deliver them direct to the customer in less time than traditional takeaway pizzerias.

Culture is as Essential as Technology

Apart from the technology, there were a whole set of cultural mindset differences on display.

And it is the cultural mindset of many organisations that is getting in the way of them taking full advantage of the digital disruption opportunity.

On the one side you had the traditional pizzeria owners who said they would never use robots and handmade was better.

On the other you had the founders of Zume whose natural instinct was to use technology to disrupt the pizza business.

Add Engineers, Chefs and Robots - Mix Well

And in their premises one room was full of engineers tweaking all the technology to make it perfect, while another room had the executive chef and his cooks overseeing the robots making the pizzas.

It was a perfect example of two seemingly disparate groups coming together to make a new and better product.

This is how all businesses need to be thinking: How can we use the best of human creativity and technology to create a better product or service for our customers.

If pizza can go digital, any business can go digital.

Watch the Show on SBS or find it on Vice - Pizza Episode 6

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