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A thought provoking video that uncovers what has been an open secret in the SEO community for some time- SEO is Dead.

SEO is Dead - At Last the Honest Truth

Saying thank you to your customers can earn you tens of thousands maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra revenue every month.

Saying Thank You Increases Sales

Tailoring your landing pages to match your online marketing campaigns is a golden opportunity to increase campaign conversion rates and reduce marketing costs.

Should Your Product Page Be Your Landing Page?

Marketing optimisation may not be all that it seems, very little is written about the part the actual product or service plays in the process. Not surprisingly the type and quality of your product or service has a huge impact on your sales conversion rates.

Great Products = High Conversion Rates

Some great quotes from famous and infamous marketing and advertising men. These quotes just as easily apply to the world of online marketing and advertising.

Inspirational Marketing Quotes

Whether it's responding to a customer enquiry for more information or re-marketing to customers after they have failed to complete the shopping process, all benefit from rapid contact response.

Always Call When The Customer is Hot

The simpler you can make your marketing processes the better. The easier it is for your customers to interact with you the more money you'll make

Kiss and Sell - Marketing Optimization

“If at the end of the day, I had an empty tin and a pocketful of change, then I knew it was a good flavour. If the tin was still nearly full and my pockets empty then not so much. That was my market research.”

What Italian Ice Cream Can Teach You About Success

These cryptic conundrums can reduce conversion rates by over 3%.If your site is turning over $1 million per year, you could be losing $30,000 a year just by using CAPTCHA codes. Ouch! Just by turning them off you can get an instant 3% revenue boost.

Don’t Use CAPTCHA Codes

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