Saying thank you to your customers can earn you tens of thousands maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra revenue every month.

One of my clients has quietly been running a triggered email thank you campaign that is consistently generating around $40,000 a month.

I was blown over when I first saw the stats coming in, as it’s a pretty simple concept. If someone buys something, they send them an email that says: "Hey, thanks for buying our stuff, would you like to buy some more stuff" and not much else.

And remarkably they do. Who knew?

Well actually this is kind of an old technique, but we tend to forget about proven old ideas in the new digital world.

Well known online entrepreneur and social media business expert Gary Vaynerchuk calls it the thank you economy and explains it brilliantly in his books and on his blog.

Gramps is Better at this Game than You

Basically a key part of what he’s saying is that our grandparents are better equipped to handle the new social media economy because they come from an era that understood community and the interconnectedness of all the local businesses.

Everyone knew each other and cared about each other, including the local business owners.

As anyone who’s ever tried to call a bank or a phone company knows, modern business has become ever more distant from the customer in the modern era.

EG: Explain to me again why exactly do I need to speak to someone in the Philippines to get my Australian phone connected?

Vaynerchuck argues that social media is turning that around, and that companies that embrace a real connection with their customers will benefit.

Which brings me back to my client’s thank you email:  When was the last time a company sent you a genuine message saying thank you?

People appreciate being recognised and acknowledged, even for little things.

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