Many people when setting up their online marketing campaigns direct their potential customers to standard product pages or even worse, their homepage. 

In doing so they miss a golden opportunity to increase their campaign conversion rates and reduce their marketing costs.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an email, SEO, Adwords, offline or even social media campaign, all can benefit from having personally tailored landing pages.


Have a Consistent Message

The success of any marketing or advertising campaign relies on having a consistency of message throughout the customer’s interaction.  That is, what campaign theme the customer responded to, what the initial message said what the offer is, what the value and benefit of the offer is, what images and copy are used and finally what the eventual product or service actually is.

Usually emails and Adwords are fairly well targeted, and to a lesser extent organic keywords, but where they often fail is when customers are brought to a generic product or information page.

Typical product pages, information pages and even homepages are by default designed to serve a wide range people. From new customers, return customers, those who are ready to buy, those who are researching, window shoppers and others who are just lost.

Plus there are all sorts of extra elements on most web pages that can be distracting from social media buttons to other products.

However an email or Adwords campaign is targeted, and if a potential customer actually clicks on the campaign link, then they are immediately engaged in your marketing process.

That then gives you an opportunity to tailor your marketing message to them via a custom built landing page - one that is all about the product and nothing else.

In other words you can make that particular page all about the product or offer in question. It has high relevance and no distractions. It provides a consistency of message and reinforces the value/benefit conversation taking place with the customer.

Doing so should greatly increase your campaign’s effectiveness.

So that’s it from a basic marketing perspective, but online there are additional benefits.


Reducing Advertising Costs

With Adwords and other online advertising, how much you pay for each keyword phrase you target depends on your “Quality Score”.  The higher your score, the less you pay for your advertising.

There are several ways to increase your Quality Score, and the first one is having a relevancy and consistency of message. That is the keywords you target, the words you use in your ads and the words you use on your landing page must be consistent. Google takes note of this and uses it to continually adjust your Quality Score.

But they also take into account how many times people click on your ad to see if it is consistent with what they were searching for.

Then Google takes it even further by noting how they interact with your landing page. Did they bounce straightway, or did they explore your site further?  And if you have conversion and goal tracking set up, did they convert?

So by having a highly targeted landing page you can both increase your marketing performance and lower your costs.


Better Organic Search Performance

The same is true for organic search performance. While there is no immediate cost in terms of advertising, the principles are the same. Google wants to deliver search results that people find useful, and so it monitors the same sort of issues.

Does the search term have relevance to the content of your site, are people spending time on your site after clicking thru from the search engine, do other people find your site useful.

So if there are particular keywords that you wish to target, then developing custom landing pages becomes an essential marketing activity.


How To Create Dedicated Landing Pages

tailor cartoon

Most content management systems these days allow you to easily create new pages, however I realise that many of you often have to go through the IT department or an outside developer to get such things done.

The cost and hassle of doing so often makes the process so onerous that it simply doesn’t get done.

Thankfully there are plenty of third party solutions that allow you to easily create custom landing pages without needing to bother IT. Most are reasonably priced so there is no excuse for not creating your own pages.

As a general rule when creating the landing page you should remove anything that isn’t directly associated with the product such as all the various navigation menus, social media buttons, signup forms, other products and promotions, excessive corporate branding.

If your online advertising has so far been expensive and poorly performing, then it may be time to try dedicated landing pages.

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