Uncle Benny was famous in Western Australia for introducing irresistible Italian ice cream to the locals.

In the early days he used to make his delicious concoctions at home before taking them down to the port city to sell on the street corner from a frozen tin.

According to Benny: “If at the end of the day, I had an empty tin and a pocketful of change, then I knew it was a good flavour. If the tin was still nearly full and my pockets empty then not so much. That was my market research.” 

But Benny did more than just take note of which flavours of ice cream his customers preferred. He kept perfecting them and experimenting with new flavours until he had a range of to die for desserts. The rest is part of West Australian history: He went on to nationwide success.

What does this have to do with better marketings? Simple: Uncle Benny knew the value of testing and continuous improvement.

Eventually he had a product range that people couldn’t get enough of.

Licks and Clicks

If you continually test what works and what doesn’t work with your products and services, eventually you’ll have an business that people will love to engage with.

But you do have to work at it. You have to set up a continuous testing and improvement process so that you can get the results – more sales.

You have to be both methodical and disciplined about it. This is no quick fix, no silver bullet solution to all your marketing dilemmas.

Which flavour will you lick?

However, thanks to modern marketing optimization solutions, it is relatively straight forward to do.

So next time you dig in to your favourite gelati or cassata, wherever you may be, think about all the licks that went into making it the best ice cream you ever tasted.

Then think about how you can make your products ad services that attractive.

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