Crafting Powerful Stories

Who's the Hero? Who's the Big Bad Wolf? Get it wrong and you lose your customer. Most businesses get it wrong. Learn how to reach a happy ever after ending.

THE Most Important Character in Your Business Story

A little practical science on how to make your story, or any marketing message, 10 times more memorable.

How to Make Your Story 10 Times More Memorable

Corporate storytelling is an essential skill to differentiate a business, unfortunately there’s little guidance on how to craft a strategic story that works. Learn how to uncover your strategic story.

How to Uncover Your Strategic Story

The secrets to bragging about yourself without coming across as a big headed jerk. Practical tips to create powerful recommendations that will win you business.

How to Brag About Yourself and Stay Humble

There’s a lot of drivel going around the internet that 2,000 word or longer posts rank better on search engines and get shared more on social media. Discover what's really going on...

How to Write a 2,000 Word Post that Actually Gets Read

Six secrets to give you the biggest breakthroughs in your business before you waste your money on anything else.

The Six Secrets of Great Results Nobody Tells You

Are you wasting too much time testing minor things and ignoring the one thing that will make the biggest improvement to your results?

How to Make an Offer They Can't Refuse

The average text size on most marketing material is costing business owners money because it's too small and hard to read. Text size (font size, type size) is one of the most over looked aspects of increasing results from your marketing efforts.

Why Small Text Size Will Lose You Business

Titles, headlines and headings cause more confusion for online writers than anything else. Get them right, and you'll get more traffic, engagement and conversions; get them wrong and you get nothing.

Titles Can Kill or Convert – What are Yours Doing?

How Apple uses very long product stories for great results.

Is 35 Pages Too Long for a Product Story?

Too much about what is written about writing for the web comes down to rigid rules that can often do more harm than good. A better approach is to take a more strategic look at your web writing and go from there.

How to Write for Digital

People read exactly the same way online as offline. So called web copywriting gurus mistakenly say that writing for the web should be different.

People Read on the Web the Same as They Do Offline

More Secrets...

Get Strategic Narratives That Win Business

Discover how to set yourself apart from the competition.

Craft and implement your own powerful brand story.

Future proof your business.